The Book



A mirrored book on two capitals that look into each other’s eyes:  Paris and Buenos Aires. There is in this work all that a photography can express: beauty, sadness, humor, comic effect, sharing, loneliness … or just the immediate and overwhelming visual force of a picture. Roland Farjon

Paris, Buenos Aires, two cities, two stories seen through the eye of a photographer, Eric Mistler. Born in Buenos Aires, Eric moved to Paris at the age of thirteen and did not return to his hometown until fifty years later.

On each double page, the book shows two photos, one of each city and its inhabitants, two photos that talk to each other and create associations or oppositions. The imagination and curiosity of the reader are stimulated by subtle and surprising associations which the author himself may not have seen.

Each double page tells a story and the succession of pages shows a journey in the journey.

Paris  Buenos Aires is driven by Eric’s personal history, a history of double culture and double identity.

The photos build bridges between these two cities and their inhabitants, photographed by Eric with passion and emotion.

The photos are preceded by texts written by Bruno Podalydès, Jean Louis Buchet and Eric Mistler.


128 pages, 115 black & white photos

Format : 29 x 24