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The first step is two exhibitions in Buenos Aires of photos taken in Paris in 2017: one at the French Alliance Microcentro from 1st March to 5th April 2018, and another one in the Biblioteca del Congreso from 4th May to 5th June 2018. Then the photos I’m taking in Buenos Aires in 2018 will be exhibited in Paris in 2019.

The next step is to combine these two exhibitions in one called “Paris-Buenos Aires” showing photos of both capitals stressing their differences and their resemblances. I want to display both cities, not individually but together, forming one entity, using a mixed hanging to marry them.

This will be an instant “snapshot” of both metropolises in the beginning of the XXIst century. A simple signing will tell the location of the shots. A book, to be published at the same time, showing these photos will follow the same principle of marrying the two cities.