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2019 : Exhibits “Paris Buenos Aires : When you dream about Buenos Aires” at the Patronage Laïque Jules Vallès in Paris, November.

2019 :Exhibits “Paris Buenos Aires” at the Hélène Nougaro Gallery in Paris, September.

2019 : Exphibit . After Mendoza, Laprida, Coronel Suarez « When you dream about Paris » continues its tour in the regional Alliances Françaises of Argentina : Reconquista, Resistencia Tres Arroyos

2018 : Exhibit « Mirada » at La Facultad de Derecho in Buenos Aires.


2018 : Exposition : In its celebration program of the fiftieth anniversary of May 68, The Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nacion is showing my photos “Rendez-vous à Paris” as well as the collection “The Argentinians in Paris” from 2 nd May to 5 th June 2018.
The French Alliance of Buenos Aires opened its cultural season on 2018 by the exhibition of my photos. The exhibition was kept from March 1st till April 5th, 2018 in the French Alliance Microcentro.
2018 : Exposition : Institut d’Etudes Politiques Paris political photography Award: jury special distinction. Exhibition at Vu Gallery en June 2018 since january, taken photos of Buenos AIres featuring the exhibition Buenos Aires 2018 in Paris 2019.
2017 : Photographic Work, a kind of editorial by the image of Paris 2017.
2016 : Back to photography: collaborations with VSD, Inrocks, Metal Hammer.
1971-1979 : Collaborations to magazines: 20 ans, Salut les Copains, l’Equipe, Voiles et Voiliers, the record companies: Warner, Polygram.



2015 : Les Bouchers de Voltaire. Documentary full-length film on a butcher’s shop which is the social link of a district of Paris.
2012 : Leconte s’anime. Documentary of 62′ on Patrice Leconte directing his first cartoon movie.
2008/09 : Le Vendée Globe de Jean Le Cam. Documentary of 52′. The race seen from the inside.
2008 : Komencéfé. Making-of of Cinématoc. Price of the originality to the festival of the making-of of Romorantin.
2002 : Paris at the time of the soccer in 32 restaurants. Documentary of 52′. A world tour intra muros cookings of the participating countries in the Soccer World Cup.
2001 : L’Arménité en Héritage. Documentary of 52′ on the discovery of the earth of his ancestors by Yerso, Armenian singer.
1999/2000 : Stade de France : et 1,2,3…coulisses. Documentary of 52′ on the functioning of the Stade de France and its secrets.
1999 : Le Tour du Monde en 24 heures. Documentary of 20′ on the newspaper Le Monde.
1999 : The Dark side of the headlines. Documentary of 15′. How the draftsman Plantu conceives in a morning his drawing of front page of the daily newspaper Le Monde.
1982 : Appelez-moi donc Eugène. Documentary on the construction by Eugène Riguidel of the biggest trimaran of the world and its participation in the Route du Rhum.
1980 : AC/DC Let There Be Rock. Documentary full-length film on the group AC/DC. Distributed in France and in fourteen countries to the world.


within FLAGRANT DELIT Productions (Card CNC n°5605).

2012 : Producer – associated : The Store of the Suicides of Patrice Leconte. Full-length film of animation. Released on September 26th, 2012.
2008 : Producer : Final in Gold.
1992 : Producer of Bruno Podalydès’s Versailles Rive Gauche. Price of the scenario Cannes 1992. Cesar 1993.
1992 : Co-producer of Gaspar Noe’s Carne. Critics’ Prize in Cannes 1992.
1980 : Co-producer : AC/DC Let There Be Rock of Eric Dionysius and Eric Mistler.

2010 : Way of seeing things. Module of 3′ on various manners to look at works of art. Director Cyril Torres.
2008 : 4 Christmas. Last four Christmas of Elizabeth, affected by the Alzheimer’s disease. Director Isabelle Ouzounian.
1987 : Prince. Musical documentary on the singer Prince, shot in Minneapolis. Director Cyril Torres.

2017 : Cara Hammond, Ramon Pipin.
1980 / 2000 :    Réalisation de clips : Francis Cabrel, Daniel Darc, Jimmy Titler, Billy Joel, AC/DC, Trust, UB40, Chanteurs Sans Frontière, Shitty.

2007 : Cinematoc saison 2 – Parodic series on the cinema -. Broadcasted on orange Happy. Director : Yves Hirschfeld.